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ABOUT US is a family concern run by myself, Peter Nisbet,  and my wife Margaret.  Margaret is a junior school teacher, who specializes in remedial teaching of children with special educational needs.  I am an industrial research chemist with an excellent knowledge of the grammar and structure of the spoken and written English language. I am well aware of the differences in spelling either side of the 'pond', and am using the American version on this website.

I was educated at the Royal High School of Edinburgh and subsequently studied chemistry, physics and mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, leaving with an Honors Degree with Pure Chemistry as the major subject. 

I have written children's stories and have been writing articles on many topics for more years than I care to remember. My school prizes for writing ability, beating pupils years older than me, are my earliest memories of serious writing, and I have been interested in the written word ever since. I am an avid reader of books on a very large range of subjects, and generally read at least two books every week, either fiction or non-fiction. 

This site is intended to break away from the designing of articles purely for Adsense, as I did previously, and offer a general writing service to include information on calligraphy and writing in general.  There is nothing better in writing than the feel of a real pen nib on real paper. I was about to write 'nothing better,' period, but I can think of one or two things!

One of my strengths, probably developed from my occupation and scientific background, is the ability to research any subject and quickly write a series of articles on that topic. 

Experience has taught me that few customers are prepared to provide testimonials. This is predominantly due to their reluctance to admit publicly that they have not authored all of their own articles. I therefore do not provide them, and prefer my work to be my testimonial.  I do not require payment for any work until the customer has approved the articles I have written for them.

If the customer is not fully satisfied I will revise the article(s) until they fully meet requirements.  Only then do I expect payment.

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