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Gold Article Submission Service

Submitting Articles to Keep the Google Penguin Update Happy

Submitting articles to keep the Google Penguin update happy is not easy. Since the Google Penguin update came onto the scene, many web pages gave disappeared from Google's listings. They may still be indexed, but have not been ranked - or at least not ranked highly enough for it to matter.

Entire websites have disappeared from the rankings, even though they may previously have been listed highly on the first page of search engine results for specific search terms (keywords.)

It has never been easy to regain such lost rankings, but there are steps you can take to avoid it happening again and also to improve the chances of your lost pages reappearing. Some of the reasons for the effects of the Penguin update are known, and while not the entire story, these are:

Excessive Use of Keywords: 

Even 2% is too high. Google makes extensive use of its LSI (latent semantic indexing) algorithm which utilizes the vocabulary on the web page to establish relevance to the search term used by a Google client seeking information rather than repeated keywords. Keywords no longer have they impact they once did.

I try to keep to no more than 2%, and preferably 1% - 1.5% KD. Ezine Articles now refuse articles with more than 2% Keyword Density.

Poor Backlink Sources

Google Penguin will punish pages with too many backlinks from the same type of source. Links from hundreds of article directories are fine, but not if that is the only source.  Google is looking for backlinks from other websites, article directories, web directories, social sites and so forth - not only from one type of source.

The Google Panda update punished links from content farms, while the Penguin updates are punishing too many backlinks from the same type of source, content farm or not. Penguin 2 also punishes overuse of the same anchor text, particulalry sales-related text.

Common Anchor Text

Many people use the same anchor text for their links, such as 'Click Here' or even the website name. Your anchor text should vary, and reflect the wide variation of themes within your website and niche.

Common Landing Pages

You must use multiple landing pages - not just your Home Page.  Many people use links that lead only to their Home Page - Google wants to see a variety of landing pages in your website. So you should not only switch your anchor text around, but also the web pages to which your anchor text is linked.

Here at Article Services, we recognize these problems and have formulated a Gold Article Submission service to take some of these aspects of Google Penguin and Panda into account. Here is what we offer:


Our Gold article submission service will help to keep the Google Penguin update happy. It involves us writing and submitting articles in such a way as to ensure a rich variety of backlink sources, landing pages and anchor text.  The service also offers professional writing that pander to Google LSI kept while maintaining a keyword density low enough to satisfy the Penguin update, but still sufficient to enable high Google rankings.  Here are the bones of it:


Keyword research using Wordtracker, the Google Keyword Tool and SBI's Brainstormer keyword tool. We look for those with highest demand and lowest supply - usually a compromise between the two is needed, and I tend to use a combination of profitable and high demand keywords that relate both to the topic of the article and the client's niche.

Article writing of a high caliber, written by myself who was educated at Edinburgh University in Scotland, and who has an excellent command of the English language as it is used in both the UK and in North America.

Search engine optimized article containing SEO elements such as good keyword density (1-1.5%) and semantically related text throughout the article to meet the needs of Google's LSI algorithm. The keyword is included at the beginning of the title, in the first 100 characters of the introductory paragraph and in the final paragraph, and again in the article body where appropriate. Where we have control over HTML, we include H1 and H2 headings.

All of the above are relevant to the Google Penguin update in ensuring a lack of keyword stuffing and of artificial methods of influencing indexing and ranking algorithms.


I no longer submit articles to dozens of directories. While this will do you no harm, it is no longer productive.  Google will publish several versions initially, but ultimately will publish only one version of each article.

I now submit articles for you to selected article directories, PDF directories and social media. This will give it extensive exposure to the public, your benefit now being reads and exposure, plus backlinks from a selected few high PR pages, rather than dozens of backlinks.


Article Directories:  the article is hand-submitted to Ezine Articles, Amazines, Article Rich, Article Cube, Go Articles, A1 Articles, iSnare and others of which some are paid submissions included in the price. 

PDF Directories:  I also convert articles to PDF format with clickable links, and submit to a number of PDF directories including Scribd, Crocodoc and Docshare, Calameo, and 14 others. PDF directories are visited and PDF documents are listed by Google. 

Social Networking and Bookmarking Sites:  I submit the articles to my Twitter account and also Facebook. They are also submitted to a number of social bookmarking sites including Delicious, Digg, Technorati, Reddit and others.

Craigslist:  I can also set up a Craigslist advert for your products in an area of your choice. This is not strictly article submission, but an extra service I can offer as a bonus if wanted.

Web Directories:  I use Brad Callan's Directory Submitter Pro to submit your website to a number of free web directories.


The entire service above, including  the article:  $35

As with my writing service, I will not invoice until the article has been approved and submission started. Payment is then expected within 48 hours, as per my normal terms.

Please provide full details of your requirement. If the matter is urgent my contact details are below.

Article only - no submission:  $15 for 800 words, $12 for up to 500 words

Submission price includes one Article for distribution
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