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The benefits of article submission are well known, and web content writing for SEO is also a skill that is useful to have. Here is my list pf prices followed by a brief explanation of the benefits of each followed by a list of article submission services offered by Article Services and their prices.

Article Submission Price List

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With Article

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Submit to Article Directories





PDF Submission: to PDF directories in PF format





Gold Article Submission Service including social sites and Craigslist





PDF + HTML Article Directory Subnmission





Reduce writing cost by $3 for 500 word articles.

I do not submit below 500 words. 



Order form at bottom of this page. Order codes can be used or simply write your requirement in any of the boxes provided. 

Special Offer:  Two articles (one for submission and one for content) plus standard submission service.  Normal price $50 - special price $40.  Use Order Code SO.


1. With written article price is for the 800 word article at $15.  You get a discount on the submission price if you also order the article. 

2. Check Here for Article Submission Gold (Opens in new window) for a full description of the Gold service.

 Article Submission Gold is my premier submission service, available for both your own articles or with those I write for you.

Web Content Writing for SEO

Forget the actual process of web content writing - you can either do it or you can't. You won’t learn in a short period of time - I spent some time online trying to teach people to write good articles, but found it next to impossible.  

So ignoring the actual writing ability, you must select specific keywords to target for each article:  I select one main and one secondary keyword. I use each in the title and first paragraph of the article, and also towards the end of the final paragraph. You should also research some genuine synonyms for your main keyword - not those that have multiple meanings, but that cannot be confused for anything but the keyword.

Thus, in this article my main keyword is 'article submission' and the secondary is 'web content writing' -both chosen after some basic keyword research.  The fundamental point being made here is that there is already a demand for web content on this topic, so make use of that. Not only that, but people are using these two keywords to find their information. You therefore have potential traffic.

Article Submission

You can publish written web content or articles on your own web page, or take the article submission route to get more exposure for your content. There are several platforms on which you can publish your content, whether it is in the form of an individual article or as part of your website.  Here are your options with respect to individual articles:
  • Article directories
  • Ezines
  • Blogs
  • PDF Directories
  • Squidoo Lenses (Yes, they are listed)
  • Social bookmaking sites
  • Social networking sites
Article submission does work, even though many claim not - that is usually those that have used the technique ineffectively or have tried using poorly written articles such as many found on ghostwriting services offered online. Google has stated to weed out poor articles, and those created using article scraping software.

If your articles are created by software, other than the type that permutates your own hand-written options, then Google will catch up with you eventually and demote your web page - or even every web page on your site! Some will disagree with me on that, but not Google. Google has made its view clear, and links in articles generated by scraping software will be punished.
Please provide full details of your requirement. If the matter is urgent my contact details are below.

Article only - no submission:  $15 for 800 words, $12 for 500 words
(Order codes A1 & A2)



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