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Article Services writing prices are below. 

There is nothing hidden and there are no discounts other than 10% for advance payment of 5 items or more. You will be paying for a high class service and articles written or re-written in any style you want. They can be formal or colloquial, and of any length. Articles can be written using American or UK English, and I am familiar with both sets of colloquialisms and ways of writing and speaking.

These prices apply to the word counts indicated for web content, blog posts, press releases and article for submission. We also write CVs, Resumes, Tweets and proofread and correct any form of text including theses of any type in the English language.

  Article Prices

 BLOG POSTS:                       to  300 WORDS  $9
 ORIGINAL ARTICLES:         to 500 WORDS  $12 
 ORIGINAL ARTICLES:         to 800 WORDS  $15

$15 for first 800 then 1.2 cents/word to 1150 words.

Over 1150 Words: $22 + 1.2 cents/word

Over 1300 - see below

THESES AND LONGER TEXTS (>1300 words) On Applicaton
Writing copies of Articles to be Non-Duplicate - as Original Articles  $12 / $15
Summaries or reducing word count of long  original texts. $10/800 words in original or $15/800 word in revision whichever is the greater.
ADDITIONAL COPIES of ORIGINALS: All written as original articles: $15 each


 See Below
 SEO Services  $700  (CLICK HERE)

*  Stated word counts are flexible from my side and can vary +/- 10% though not below the minimum advertised.

My Price for below 300 words is 2.5 cents/word.

ADVANCE PAYMENT: Advance payment for any order gets  1% reduction on the published or agreed price.


I no longer carry out proofreading unless you are willing to pay professional prices. I can highly recommend this Professional Proofreading business.  CLICK HERE for details.

Article Declined by Ezine Articles?

If your article has been declined by Ezine Articles we shall proof or rewrite it at the above prices until it has been accepted. Charge will be applied once only, irrespective of how long it takes to be accepted.  If we fail to get your article published then you pay nothing.  





 300 Words

 270 - 330



 405 - 495 Words



 500 - 600



 720 - 900



 1,000 - 1,100



 1,200 - 1,320



All of my original articles intended for distribution include a keyword list, article Summary and suggested Author Resources in text and HTML formats at no extra charge.  Please request this service if required.

Unless otherwise requested all articles are provided by Article Services in both MS Word 2005 and text formats.  Word 2007 for Vista can be provided on request. HTML formatting can also be provided on request.

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Please note my payment terms:

I invoice by PayPal: you may pay using PayPal with a credit or debit card.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to make payment. 

Payment should be made within 72 hours of receiving your articles. If you are unhappy with the article I will modify it free of charge until you are satisfied.  Otherwise, you must make payment within 72 hours of receipt.

Orders for multiple articles will be invoiced once all articles in an individual order have been delivered, or the first 5 of any order greater than that.

Payment can also be accepted by credit card by those that cannot use PayPal or  by means of 2Checkout.  Please eMail me and I will send you the payment link.

If you have problems in making your payment - for example if you are broke, I will come to an arrangement if you inform me of the fact. 

Advance payment for any order:  10% discount on agreed or published prices.

Prepayment for orders of 5 or more is rewarded with a 10% discount on the total bill. 

Full Article Services Payment Terms Here.

The article services prices below are for standard articles. If you want them written to specific requirements, such as using several stated keywords within the article, please ask for a quote. I have had too many customers complaining that my writing does not contain the correct keywords, and when I query this, they have been using their own keyword selection system that also provides recommended synonyms to use in order to comply with Google's LSI algorithm.

Please read my page on LSI before trying to teach me. I will always refuse to write using what is obviously ridiculous vocabulary and grammar since you will then expect a refund when the directories refuse your articles. Article Services focuses on providing a high quality writing service specifically targeted to the Google search engine algorithms.


I do not spin articles and nor do I use any software designed to generate a number of articles by means of synonyms being used in specific fields. These invariably result in an amateurish look, and while they might occasionally fool Google algorithms they do not fool human readers.  I will not be associated with such work. I write only original articles, and offer an article service second to none in its writing professionalism.


NOTE:  Article Service now offers an alternative to PayPal.  You can now use credit and debit cards using 2-Checkout if you will not or cannot use PayPal. I will use PayPal by default but inform me with your order if you prefer to use 2CO.  I also accept payment through Payoneer.  Visit the website for more details.


Article Services commits to the following when your order is accepted:

  1. To write original articles on the subject of your choice and to your own specified word count.  These articles will be written only for you.  I keep them on my databases in case you want them modified, or even lose them!  This has been known - people do lose content in the event of hard disk damage or even virus attack.
  2. No article I write for you will ever be offered to anyone else, even in a modified version.  That is one of the main reasons that people use my services. Many others who offer original articles are also offering them to others.  Occasionally they limit them to a specific number of customers from 20 to 200.  Use me, and they are written for only one person.  Your name is the only one that appears on the article.  Not mine,  and not anyone else's.

    You own the copyright of articles provided by Article Services. 

  3. I will write any article on any subject to avoid duplicate content.  Not only will the sense of the article be maintained, but practically every sentence will be changed in some way. 

  4. I can write one article several times for different keywords.  If you have a base article you want to use for different keyword-optimized pages, it will be done so that the search engines will detect no duplicate content.  Thus the same article can be used for keywords such as  'article submission', 'submitting articles', 'submit an article', 'how to submit articles' and so on, for any subject and any number of keyword alterations.
  5. Shorten the length of articles while maintaining the sense. I have reduced articles of 800 words to 500, and even 400 in one case. Price is based on original word count, unless by other arrangement.
  6. Lengthen articles, so that if you have a 400 word article and want it beefed up a bit to 600, or even 800, it will be done while maintaining the topic. Price based on new word count.
  7. Change the style.  I have three basic styles with simple examples:  

    The classic formal article style, written without the use of personal pronouns, such as 'The address of the ball prior to the putt will be demonstrated', or more personal, such as: 'You'll be shown how to address the ball before we demonstrate the putting action' to a more empathic approach such as: I will show you how to address the ball before we start on the putt itself.'

    These are just rough examples, but I think you understand what I am getting at.
  8. All articles will be keyword optimized to render them as attractive as possible to search engines, particularly to Google. This is an Article Services specialty.  SEO will be carried out using current knowledge and experience.  Currently this entails a keyword density of 1% maximum, and the use of many semantically related terms designed to convince the search engines that yours is an authority site on the topic concerned. 

    Read my page on LSI for more information on this.
  9. You pay nothing till you have reviewed the work and approved it.  The article services I offer include revising until you get what you want.  Once you are happy, then you pay.  If you are not happy, you don't pay.

    I request no money up front before starting on your order: nothing is requested until you you have received it, and even then the invoice need not be paid if you don't like the article. I will revise it for you, but you pay nothing until you are happy with the article you are paying for. That is an policy and always has been.
  10. If your article is intended for submission to article directories and/or ezines I also provide, at no extra cost, a Summary and two suggested Resources - one in HTML format and one in text. I provide a keyword list for all articles.
  11. Also at no extra cost I provide a keyword search using software (Keyword Elite) designed to find the most profitable keywords for your article topic or title. I can provide the title containing these profitable keywords if you prefer.

    I do not offer testimonials on my work since the vast majority of my customers do not want their customers to know that their content is written by a third party.  They would be offended if I asked for a testimonial.  My testimonial comes from you - when you have read your first article and have had it amended to give you exactly what you had in mind when you ordered it.

I have nothing to prove since you don't pay for what you don't like.That is also why Article Services does not provide examples. The content on this webpage provides more than enough evidence of my writing abilities.

If you don't like it, don't pay the invoice.

That is one of my guarantees.

Here are my article prices.  You can get a lot more expensive at lower quality. You can also get cheaper - I make no bones about that.  However, you will not get the quality.  There are a lot of enthusiastic amateurs out there.  Do you really want to to put your website content in their hands for the sake of saving a couple of bucks? You can save 10% by paying in advance. So a $15 article becomes $13.50.

I write for many top internet marketers and taking that into consideration, my prices are low. I could charge a lot higher.  However, the prices are pitched so that I can write for dedicated but ordinary people who are successful in their businesses and need my help to continue that success. 

This is a high class of writing and the prices reflect that.  However, my article writing prices are low in comparison to the $25 - $50+ that you find others charging.wwww


I am a native English speaker:  A Scot from Edinburgh, currently based in Wales. I have an Honors degree in chemistry from Edinburgh University, highly articulate and am a master of my language.  I am contactable on request by land line, cell phone or Skype, with or without video. Contact details can be found via the 'Contact' link at the bottom of each web page.

I do not offer my services on Elance or anywhere else other than my own website, Squidoo lenses and blogs. 


Copyscape is commonly used to determine whether or not an article contains passages significantly similar to others on the web - including other articles. I guarantee that all of my work is 100% original and will pass the Copyscape test. 

In the event that it does not, this would be either because somebody else was copying my writing or simply through unfortunate coincidence.  100 monkeys and all that . . .

Neverthless, whatever the reason I hereby state that I will offer 100% guarantee on my work passing this test, and should it not, then you will be provided with a 200% refund.  So, if you paid $15 for your article, you will receive $30 back from Article Services.

This only applies if your Copyscape test is carried out within 24 hours of receipt of the article from according to your emailing service, and that the date of publication of the copy predates our delivery date to you.

You won't find a similar offer on the entire Word Wide Web:  I am totally confident that not many people can match my standard of writing and that any copying will be of them copying my work.

I see no benefit in diluting my work by copying the inferior articles of others! If you think me inordinately big-headed then give me an order and prove me wrong from the product with which I provide you. I have not always satisfied everybody first time (I am good, but not Hemingway), but will also continue to write and revise at no extra cost until I have done so.


For $20 per article, I will hand-submit your article in my account name - I cannot use pen names with most directories and ezines. Although my name appears as author, you get all the other benefits of publication on a large number of ezines and directories. It's your resource and links that will appear in the article.

If you have me write the article the total will be $30.

If possible, the undernoted directories will be hand-submitted with your name as author:

Ezine Articles, Article Dashboard, Article City, Article Snatch, Article Rich*,  iSnare*,  Article Cube,  1888 Articles*,  Article Farm, Go Articles

The following that are not included in Submit Your Article submissions will also be added: 
Buzzle, Article Avenue, Amazines, A1 Articles, Women's Articles

These will have my name as author unless you register with them.  I can do this for you at the additional cost of $5.  Thereafter they will be included in each submission at no extra cost.

* : Paid submission directories -  included in price

I also offer a PDF Submission service: $10

 To order from Article Services, make a pricing inquiry or for more Information:


My email is:



Article Writing
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