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Article Writing:  Why Articles Are Necessary

Article writing is a combination of science and literature.

As an honors degree research chemist and a part time writer, I found the transition to website content article writing easy to make once I had learned the rules. Until I learned these rules, my articles read well but did nothing for the mathematical search and indexing algorithms used by search engines such as Google. This is why you must have your articles professionally written by writers experienced in writing for internet search engines, and also for humans, if your content is to satisfy the algorithmic formula in additional to giving people what they want.

Article Writing and Content

There are two reasons for adding content to your site.

1.  The first is to persuade search engines that your site is relevant to the search terms (keywords) that potential visitors type into their browsers to find the information they are looking for

2.  The second, which many webmasters and writers feel is their primary objective, is to attract customers and to either make money or cover the expenses of the site

If you disagree with the order in which I have placed these, just think of what the purpose of a search engine is.

People use search engines to find information. It may be information about what causes measles, or they may want to know where they can purchase the latest or cheapest GPS system. They are looking for information, period. The purpose of the search engine is to provide users with the most authoritative web pages that most closely meet their requirements, according to the semantics they used when making the search

Read that last sentence again. That is what search engines are designed to do. Google’s customers are neither the websites Google presents to the searchers nor the advertisers using Google Adwords, which you find on the right hand side of the search page (and sometimes on a light blue background at the top left). Google’s customers are those using Google to find information. That applies to all search engines. Without those people searching for information, there would be no search engines. Note that the engines do not list websites, but the individual web pages that are most relevant

This is what must be kept in mind when designing websites and writing articles. They must be designed, formatted and the content written so that search engines deem them to be worthy of presenting to their customers who are making the search.

Monetization of Your Website

Secondary to this is the monetizing. In fact, it is common for good web designers to add the monetization once sufficient pages have achieved a high listing in the search results.Once the prime objective of the search engines has been met, then go for you personal prime objective.

Articles provide content for your web pages. Unless you have a retail site articles are the best means of providing that content. They also provide ‘spider food’ in that articles can be formatted to be attractive to search engine algorithms.Their mathematical formula can be satisfied if you provide sufficient reference to the keyword you are targeting with the web page and associated article, but no more than that.Too much and you will not achieve your objective.  Read our page on latent semantic indexing to understand what is required to satisfy these algorithms and how this can be achieved.At least to the best of our current knowledge!

Our Search Engines page explains the basics on how search engines work to give the possible service to its customers, and gives further information on how articles can help to achieve this.

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