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Article Marketing : Article Services and SEO Content Services : Ghost Writing & SEO Writing 

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is an important part of your overall internet marketing strategy.  I have a special offer on my ebook on article services and article marketing further down this page. You can purchase a $27 ebook for only $7  The reason I am making this offer is that I believe that newcomers to internet marketing can avoid most of the heavy costs and heartache that I suffered by writing articles and using them properly to attract a lot of traffic to their websites.

What is article marketing used for?  I have often been asked this question, especially by people using my article services are confused as to why it should be necessary to market articles when you can have them submitted free of charge to such a wide range of article directories. You are not, in fact, marketing your articles in the true sense of the word 'marketing'.  You are using articles to promote, or market, your website or a specific page within it. 

Your objective is to market your website, or product.  Article marketing is internet marketing by the use of articles to advertise and bring traffic to your website.  An article provides you with traffic in a number of different ways.


Writing the Article


The first step is to write the article.  The topic should be carefully chosen to match the content of one or more web pages on your website.  The reason for this is that your article can be used to advertise not only your website, but also one specific page on that website. This will become clear when we discuss how articles work to bring traffic to your site.


The article should be based on a specific keyword, or even two.  This article is based on two keywords.  You should keep in mind that the term ‘keyword’ is frequently not fully appreciated by those who have not been long involved in internet marketing.  A keyword is more than a just a word, or phrase, that you feel is relevant to your website.  It is a search term used by search engine users.  It is the term that a visitor types into their search engine browser, Google say, in order to find information on the topic they are interested in.


The Resource Box 


Once you have written the article you design the most important part that is essential for a good marketing campaign:  the Author’s Resource Box.  Some directories call this the ‘bio’, some the ‘signature’ and in some it is simply added at the end of the article.  Wherever it is, it is here that you add the link back to your website.  If you can do so by means of anchor text linked by html to your website all the better, though not all directories allow html.  Even better, link it back to a specific web page since this is better than just the home page of your website.


Free Keyword Research


Having done all this, you can get traffic in the following ways.


Readers of your article will find it by means of the keyword.  Therefore, if you have chosen your keyword well, your article should attract visitors.  If you have written well enough for them to want to know more, then they will click on the link you have provided to your website.  The link should lead them to a page relevant to the article.  If you have a website on jewelery, and you have written an article on opals, your link should take the visitor to your web page on opals, not the home page on jewelery. 


You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the visitor and if they don’t see what they are interested right away the will likely click away.  If you have no web page specifically devoted to opals, don’t write about them!  Hence the importance of carefully choosing the keyword and the topic of the article.


I offer a Free Keyword Research  service with all articles ordered. I use a number of keyword tools in addition to the free Google Adwords Keyword tool, including: Adwords Analyzer, Keyword Elite, Wordtracker and the brilliant Ken Evoy's Brainstormer tool. If you are looking for a fabulous website hosting service offering every tool imaginable with the package, check out Ken's SiteBuildIt - I have 5 of these sites and every one makes me money. Unique, but brilliant!

Article Submission

When your article is submitted to article directories you receive a link back to your website, or individual web page, from the directory.  Search engines, particularly Google, set great store by one way links.  They indicate to the search engine that your website is well thought off, and hence provides a good service to the search engine customers. The more back-links you have, the higher you are likely to be listed in the search engine index for the keyword used for the search.  Back-links to a page deep within your site are even more valuable than those to your home page, which is why your article should be written about a topic specific to one of your web pages.


Your article marketing strategy though, is at its strongest when other people find your article so good that they copy it to use as content on their own website or ezine.  Anybody doing this must keep the author’s resource box, or bio, intact.  This means that for every person who does this, you not only get the chance of a direct click to your website by visitors to the other website, but also another back-link. 


Some articles can provide hundreds of back-links, and I have web pages at number one position in Google due largely to my article marketing campaigns. Article Services offers an article writing service to enable you to achieve this.


In order to have your article copied to lots of websites it has to be well written.  If you cannot write well enough yourself, then have your article ghost-written professionally, and Article Services provides sugh ghost writing services. You can still put your name to it, and your own resource box, since to all intents and purposes you are the author. It is your name under the title.  Compared the amount of business, either get through direct clicks or from your high search engine listings, the relatively small cost of ghost-writing is irrelevant.

Grammar IS Important

I have read that grammar is not important when writing articles, and the main criterion is that it can be understood. This is just not true.  I certainly wouldn't continue reading an article that was badly written with poor grammar. Google agrees, and since its Panda/Farmer algorithm update of February, 2011, bad grammar and poorly written articles have been delisted from its indices. Many article directories have had to follow suit - Ezine Articles lost over 80% of the articles listed on Google in February! All due to poor writing.

OK, I am willing to forget the 'who' and 'whom' controversy, although even that is easily learned if you want to learn it:  in fact here's an easy way:

If you can replace the who or whom with he, then  it is who, and if it sounds better with 'him' it is whom ('m' in 'him' and 'm' in 'whom'). That's the easy way to remember. For example: "With whom did you go to the movies?" - if the answer is 'with he' it would be 'with who', but it is obviously 'with him', so the question above is phrased correctly.

However, in "Anybody who get's that wrong . . "  your wouldn't write 'him who gets that wrong', but 'he who gets that wrong', so 'who' is correct.  remember:  M in HIM and M in WHOM.  that's just one of the many article grammar tips you will get in my new arrticle marketing book Article Czar. 

Grammar is important, and so is spelling.  There is no excuse for poor spelling when spell checkers are available.  However, spell checkers will not point out correctly spelled words that do not belong to the sentence. All of this is more relevant to the Article Services pages on grammar, so let's leave it now with the warning that grammar and spelling matter, but not to the extent of perfection.  

What is Article Marketing?

My answer to the question ‘what is article marketing’ then, is that it is a means of generating traffic to your website through direct links to a page on your site, and the promotion of your site to search engines through the generation of back-links from article directories and other websites.  If you want any more advice, I will be pleased to answer any questions you have. 

My contact details are on the 'Contact' link at the bottom of the page.  Don't hesitate to ask:  I like my visitors to speak to me if they a problem, either directly or by email. You will never ever be a nuisance to me, since I might even learn from you.  Who knows! Even if you are a complete beginner you are welcome. 

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The choice is yours. You could succeed without it, but why bother? Use our article services to provide you with good article marketing techniques that you can use for your online success, and you won't have to bother about article marketing or article services ever again.  We will bother about it for you!

What is article marketing?  It's being able to use article services to your best advantage, and if these can be provide by others, such as, you will have a significant advantage over your competitors.


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