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Check out Premier Article Submission Service for my own submission service. 

If you are able to write legibly about your niche or topic, then article marketing and the submission of articles to article directories can be your passport to the stars, and rocket your website into the top echelons of the major search engine listings.  However, if you cannot write, then do not despair. There are article ghost writers available that can inexpensively provide articles to you that will produce profits disproportionate to the expenditure outlaid for them.  In other words, article submission can make you a lot more money the articles will cost you to have written.

The reason for this is that when articles are submitted to directories, they are included in an article database that is indexed according to the subject of the article. Those looking for content for their website can access hat database and find articles relevant to their site. They can then copy your article to their website as content. This is normal, and the permission to allow them to do so is a condition of your submission to the directory. There is one proviso however.  Each article directory allows you to include your name as author, and to provide a link to your website. You can choose any page on your site for the link, and if you look hard enough, some directories even allow three links to different pages or websites that you own.

Consider first the number of readers of your article that could click on your links and visit your site. Consider also the visitors to sites that have copied your article and link. They too can click to your website. This is not just theory:the fact is that you can get hundreds of visitors to the web page that you include in your ‘Author’s Resource Box’ from every website that uses your article.

You can get even more from the article directories that accept it.However, direct clicks are not the only benefit of article submission. You get a link back to your website from every article directory that accepts your article and every website that copies it. This is extremely valuable to your Google Page Rank that is used to determine your listing in the search engine indices for the keyword for which the specific page concerned is optimized.

The benefits are obvious, but how do you achieve them? First, you have to write the article. If you cannot do that, I am here to help you. My prices are very much less expensive than elsewhere on the internet for a similar standard of writing.I have seen articles on sale for $25 that cannot hold a candle to my quality.

I do not provide references since, quite frankly, none of my customers wants it know that I write their articles. I write articles and web content for some well known people on the internet, but cannot prove it. What a bummer!

I can prove it to you though, which is why I never ask for payment for my articles until my customer shave received my work, read it over and approved it.  If they are unhappy, I revise it, but in almost four years have only had to revise four articles – an estimated success rate of 99.97% (I’m not going to count them all up accurately!). That’s good enough for me, but I have never had a dissatisfied customer apart from one – I think he was nuts!

That is all beside the point. My testimonial is my work.  If you don’t like it, then don’t pay. I won’t bad mouth you; just try better the next time.I hope I will anyway, since it has yet to happen!

Article submissions should be made to the right directories.You get no page rank share from directory pages with no rank themselves. Some accept html and some don’t. Some accept anchor text links and some don’t.

If you want the crème de la crème, then check out Article Submitter Platinum below. That is regarded as being the Premier article submission software in the world. You get a trial of the full version, and I found it very good. You can pay it over three easy monthly payments, and I am considering buying it, but am still sticking to the cheap version since it works for me.


If you prefer to have the submissions carried out automatically for you, then Steve Shaw offers a fantastic submission service that he markets as Submit Your Article. Click and find out what it offers:  I use it frequently in addition to Article Submitter Pro.

This is a submission service:  you provide the article and resource and it is submitted to 400+ directories and ezines.  You can submit an unlimited number of articles for $47/month. 

Steve also offers a service known as Article Leverage where you can offer an alternative version of selected sentences or paragraphs (your choice), titles and resources that are permed to produce a slightly different version of the article to each directory.

You can also choose to have them submitted over specific periods ranging from 2 days to 2 months, 30 days being the recommended period.  This prevents Google considering a sudden increase in backlinks as spamming.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

If you prefer, I can do it for you for $10 per article. Unfortunately most would have my name as author because ezines and most directories do not permit pen-names, and neither does the submission service.

However, I do submit manually to some that do, and a list of these is available on the Price List (appears in new window) together with another one or two not included in Steve's service. Your name will appear as author on those in the list.

My service also includes three paid submission that are included in the price, and not in Steve's service, namely to:  iSnare, Article Rich and 1888 articles. iSnare also has their own list of syndicated directories and ezines that will even further extend the reach of your articles.

Check out Premier Article Submission Service for my own submission service. 


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