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Using Article Writing and Article Marketing to Make Money

First, thank you for clicking to reach this page. I know everybody says it, but you won't regret it. My eBook is titled Content Writing & Article Marketing for a reason - that's what it teaches you!

Article writing and article marketing are stronger than ever before since Google launched its Panda-Farmer algorithm update to remove the poor and low-grade content that used to proliferate online.

Now, you can expect to benefit more than ever before by writing good, informative content for your website, and using articles to promote your site, your blog and your products. By purchasing Content Writing & Article Marketing you will be able to achieve that easily because you will know what you are doing.


 It offers 77 pages (21,876 words) of good information, including:

Search Engine Rankings: definitions, ranking factors, meta data, keyword use and so on.

How to Write Web Content and Articles: how to write content for your website and articles for publication. Explains how to write each section of your article, from the title to the resource, for the best effect.

Article Submission:  how to submit your articles  and what article directories are looking from you.

Article Writing Tips: tips on how to write your articles in a way that will catch the eye of potential readers and force them to read all the way through.

Google Algorithms: An explanation of what Google Panda, Penguin1.0 and 2.0 and the Page Layout algorithm updates mean to you.

Grammar: common errors in grammar and how to avoid them.  Grammar is significantly more important since the recent Google Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, and the top article directories will no longer accept the grammatically poor articles that they previously did.

Spelling Mistakes:  a list of commonly mis-spelled words.  No longer accepted by directories or by Google.

Punctuation:  Punctuation is another aspect of article writing on which directories are tightening up. Learn how to punctuate your article correctly and get them approved first time.

Homonyms:  words that sound the same but mean different things, such as lose and loose that many American writers appear to confuse. Their and thier, too and to are other examples.

Tools: a list of tools that I use in designing my websites and in my article writing. Some will be of use in your article marketing campaigns.

Useful Links:  some useful website links that will help in your article marketing campaigns in in your article writing.

You can't argue about only $7 for 77 pages of genuine content. 

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