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There are many calligraphy examples on the internet, one of the best sources being Wikipedia. Here are some examples of calligraphy taken from that source which display the wide variety of the three major classes of calligraphy:  Western, Oriental and Arabic.

  'Quill Skill' is an example of Western style calligraphy written with a quill type pen.  Calligraphy pens can be made from feathers, bone, horn and metal.

Although fountain pens are not used in classical calligraphy, they are popular in the west due to their convenience.  
          Examples of Chinese script.The far left is regular script, readable by most Chinese and Japanese.  The center is semi-cursive, and can be read and written by educated Chinese and the example on the right is of cursive script, written without moving the brush from the paper.

Not many Chinese and Japanese can read cursive script.
 An example of scripts by the poet Mifu (1051 - 1108) 

An example showing a variety of script styles, again by Mifu.

Calligraphy became a lifetime's work for many in the writing of religious texts in both the Christian and Muslim religions.  Below are pages from the Book of Kells in Trinity College, Dublin, the Koran and the Lindisfarne Gospel, recovered from Lindisfarne in Northumberland.
These calligraphy examples display classical 'illuminated' writing, of which each individual abbey had one or more exponents with their own particular style.

  This is the first page of the St. John's               From the Lindisfarne Gospels  
       gospel in the Book of Kells.
The Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne gospels are probably the two most famous examples of illuminated manuscripts still in existence. The beauty and detail in these are breathtaking, and would have taken many people whole lifetimes to complete.

An extract from the Koran, displaying Arabic style calligraphy

These are just a few examples of the more beautiful and complex forms of the different styles of calligraphy which can be seen on the Wikipedia website. There are many more on the internet, and it is patently obvious that calligraphy is a wide and varied art form which is both decorative and functional.

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