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We have devoted a section to calligraphy services to serve a form of writing that is both decorative and functional. 

Through the ages, calligraphy has developed from a prehistoric art form to a functional means of communication, combined into both through the writing and illumination of sacred and religious texts of all religions and, in the west at least, back to an art form.

Oriental calligraphy is still very much a live means of communication, even though it is also regarded as an art. The fact that a brush is used contributes in no small way to the skill involved in writing regular and cursive Chinese and Japanese script.  Arabic, too, is in the same league with its beautiful flowing style, and at its best can match and even beat any form of western calligraphy.

This part of the Article Writing site consists of five pages devoted to calligraphy.  These pages are currently small, but the content will improve, and the number of pages will increase, over a relatively short period of time. 

We have a page on each of calligraphy writing, a beginner's page, calligraphy supplies, offering you a variety of sources for calligraphy materials, a page displaying some of the more beautiful examples on the Wikipedia website and this calligraphy services page.

The contents of this calligraphy services section of the website will be improved upon as we research more into what I am finding to be a fascinating subject.  We shall also be expanding the number of companies and suppliers we form an association with, to provide you with a very useful resource which will ultimately meet all your calligraphy requirements.

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