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SEO Content Writing Offer

The offer includes 10 professionally written articles on your topic or niche, including full optimization of text written with Google's LSI (latent semantic indexing) algorithm in mind. This algorithm uses character strings to identify keywords and synonyms so you can maximize relevance to your topic without over-use of keywords.

These articles can be used as content on your website or for submission to article directories. Irrespective of what many say, it is a fact that Google still regards content published on the top directories (e.g. Ezine Articles, Go Articles, iSnare, Amazines) as offering good backlinks to your target web pages. Not only that but such publications are used by many people as a source of content for their own sites and blogs (where they just also publish your links.)

This SEO Content Writing Offer Includes:

* Submission of articles of around 800 words or whatever you prefer below that to article directories. You can choose which to use on your site or to be published.

* Conversion to PDF format and submission to PDF directories such as Scribd.

* Publication of articles on my Twitter and Facebook account – the links included in the articles will be included.

* Publication of articles on social bookmarking sites including Technorati, Delicious, Reddit, Blinklist and Digg.

This offer is priced at $120 prepaid or $150 paid after receipt of all articles.

Normal price = $190.

The SEO benefits you receive are:

* Professionally written content that is Google friendly and easy to read.

* Published articles containing two links to any two pages on your website or blog.

* Maximum exposure of your links throughout the web.

The standard of writing I can provide will not only impress your readers with its clarity, but also explain your topic in a way that impresses them with your knowledge. It will also ensure that your web pages and blog posts are indexed and listed, and help you to achieve the highest possible ranking for your individual web pages and blog posts.

If you prefer, I can add these articles to your site as drafts, and you can then check them over before deciding to publish. I have done this for most of my clients as a free service. The vast majority are published unchanged.

Article Submission is Not Dead!

Do not believe those that will try to tell you that article submission is dead. It is certainly not, and it definitely offers you listing and ranking benefits! These claims usually come from businesses that want to sell you expensive SEO services!

In fact, all you need for a high Google ranking is good, relevant and authoritative content, backed up with multiple links back to your web page/blog post (backlinks.) This is what we offer you.

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