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What Web Content Writing Can Offer You

The standard of web content writing on your web pages is more important to the success of your website or blog than publishing articles on article directories.  Sure, an original article published on one or two top directories such as Ezine Articles or Go Articles will be of benefit, but the days when publishing on multiple directories, blogs and ezines would get you large numbers of backlinks are long gone.

The links you should be seeking are voluntarily offered to your web page or blog post by those that believe their own site would benefit by offering such a link to their readers. Web content writing is not as easy to carry out effectively as most people might believe. For a start, it should be written for your own readers or visitors, and nothing else. Not for search engines or article directories! This is a common mistake made by many new to online marketing.

Web Content Writing and Authority Linking

Page authority is related to the number of relevant pages linking back to your web page. Authority linking is an important ranking factor. If you write your web content well enough, with enough semantic relevance to your topic, then Google's indexing algorithms will include your page for consideration should a search engine user employ a search term related to the theme of that web page. Other webmasters might also offer you a link from an appropriate page or post on their own site – either directly or in return for you publishing their link. This type of reciprocal linking agreement is fine by Google if the two pages are related in content. This adds to your page authority.   

Google now rewards web pages genuinely written for readers, but there is still a catch. You must still use keywords to an extent, but you must also vary your reference to the main topic of your web pages or blog posts by using synonyms and other terms semantically related to the theme of your content. 

If you want to be listed for a specific keyword or search term, then you must still use that word or phrase in your web content writing – or Google will be unlikely to list your page for that term. There is a fine line between overuse and underuse of a keyword today – we at Article Services know how best to use that knowledge to your advantage.

Article Services Content Writing: Pricing

All prices are in USD  (Click for UK Prices)

  Article Prices

 BLOG POSTS:                       to  300 WORDS  $9
 ORIGINAL ARTICLES:         to 500 WORDS  $12 
 ORIGINAL ARTICLES:         to 800 WORDS  $15

$15 for first 800 then 1.2 cents/word to 1150 words.

Over 1150 Words: $22 + 1.2 cents/word

Over 1300 - see below

 THESES AND LONGER TEXTS (>1300 words) On Applicaton
Writing copies of Articles to be Non-Duplicate - as Original Articles  $12 / $15
Summaries or reducing word count of long  original texts. $10/800 words in original or $15/800 word in revision whichever is the greater.
ADDITIONAL COPIES of ORIGINALS: All written as original articles: $15 each


 See Below
 SEO Services  $700  (CLICK HERE)

*  Stated word counts are flexible from my side and can vary +/- 10% though not below the minimum advertised.




 300 Words

 270 - 330



 405 - 495 Words



 500 - 600



 720 - 900



 1,000 - 1,100



 1,200 - 1,320


We do not price our work on a per word basis, since either a) You would never know exactly what your article would cost until it was finished, or b) We would be restricted to writing to an exact word count.

We charge over a word count range, with that range flexible at the higher end. This, your 500 word article could finish at 550 or higher, and your 800 word article could be as high as 900 words if the topic would suffer if less. If you have a fixed upper limit, then state that with your order.

Language: All articles will be written using American vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and colloquialisms unless you request otherwise. If you are targeting the UK market, for example, you should state on the order form that you prefer UK English. 


I no longer carry out proofreading but highly recommend this Professional Proofreading business. CLICK HERE for details.

Article Declined by Ezine Articles?

If your article has been declined by Ezine Articles we shall proof it until it has been accepted. The charge will be 30% of above article prices based on word count range. Charge will be applied once only, irrespective of how long it takes to be accepted.  If we fail to get your article published then you pay nothing.  

Writing Content Naturally is King!

You often hear or read about the term 'SEO web content writing' – but forget it. Forget the SEO, because well-written content that provides the reader with lots of useful information hardly needs any SEO applied to it. This comes in the design of your site – in the technical aspects such as the Meta data and your use of emphasis such as with H1 and H2 header tags, bold and italicized text and other lesser-known aspects of SEO. Nothing can beat natural writing, written in a conversational style to the reader.

False text construction designed to fool search engine robots fools nobody – not even the robots these days! The best and most effective form of web content writing is aimed at you – the reader. You are Google's customer, not the web pages listed in the SERPs. Write what you would like to read yourself and you will be much more successful – and find it easier to write web content!

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