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CV Writing Service

A good CV writing service is essential since a curriculum vitae, otherwise known as a CV, is an essential document for the progression of your career.  In order for your career to grow, and you to seem to grow in your knowledge of your subject,  you need to show that you have demonstrated a good performance in working with a number companies that specialize in your particular area of experience.

A good CV is not a good reference from an individual company that you have worked for, but is a history of your experience and employment, including academic achievements, publications and any awards you have received. 

Many young people who have been working with only one company may feel that they cannot get a good CV together,  while others have little problem. The secret is to succeed with each company you work for, but have a reason to leave that is acceptable to your employer. 

It is also possible to work for only one employer and have a good CV.  Your record of achievement with your company should include your specialties, specific successes that you have had and any courses you have attended and promotions you have been given.


First that you can spell it!  You would be amazed at how many people do not get their CV read because they spell the word wrongly.

Secondly that that you can do this job. A properly written curriculum vitae can make the difference between job and no job. A recent survey inthe UK indicated that 80% of job applicants could not spell  'curriculum vitae' and the the other 20 % who could received a job due to lack of candidates!

If you get your CV right, you will likely get an interview.  Keep in mind that, like a resume, a CV is a sales pitch to persuade the company that you are able to fill the position advertised, and will be an asset to that company.

A potential employer will judge from your CV whether or not you have the experience and background required to do the job, and whether your skills and academic performance indicate your ability to go further and make a positive contribution to the company's future.

It is your one and only chance to persuade the employer to give you an interview, and it relies entirely on your writing skills, or those of the person you hire to write it for you. A good CV writing service should take all of the factors below into account.


An important aspect to bear in mind when writing a CV is that more time will probably spent reading that on a resume.  A CV is a detailed report of professional achievement, but should be presented in more interesting fashion than simply a list of these achievements.

CV writing services should be aware of modern trends in CVs and adapt yours to suit.  A good CV writing service will keep your CV on file to be edited as your career progresses.



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