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The purpose of the Google Panda algorithm (some refer to it as Farmer) is to take the offensive against web pages offering poor quality content that do not provide useful information to the reader.

This includes content  published on so-called,content farms' that offer poor quality scraped information that many webmasters are using either as a source for web page content or as a direct information source by means of live anchor text linked to the farm.

Google are finally reacting to complaints from those that are disgruntled at being offered useless web pages from a search engine that is purported to be the world's #1. However, it's not only Google algorithms that have been incapable of filtering out this type of spam, but also those of all the other search engines.

Google Panda: Not All Content Farms are Bad

While Google's  objective with the Google Panda algorithm is admirable, it may not be proving so useful in practice. So far, there have been several tangible and observable results but most of the visible action will be seen as the days roll on, and Google's indices and listings are revised.

Of course, it might take a few weeks until the Google dance  brings evidence of radical changes to the SERPs of those 'farms' and the Google Farmer algorithm weeds out those web pages that do no more than iterate information from them. Nevertheless, even some of the websites mentioned on the Google 'Hit List', such as the Wize Geek, can hardly be described as useless content farms offering low-grade information. 

Main Objectives of the Panda Algorithm Update

There is currently a degree of hysteria going around the online marketing community, particularly with those that rely heavily upon article marketing as a marketing technique.  Although the situation is complex, as the dust settles one Google's main objectives will likely be attained - to delist or drop pages down in the rankings that have been:

  • Spun from a 'master' page or article

  • Content rewritten from other articles

  • Badly written with little to offer the reader

  • Very short, with under 250-400 words

  • Full of significant errors in spelling and grammar

Such pages will be under threat of losing their listing position. Many have already gone, and article directories such as Ezine Articles have lost the vast majority of their web presence - over 90% in some cases.

The Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin Update has resulted in many websites losing their ranking position, and some have even been relegated to the 'Supplementaries.'

This Google algorithm update is different to Panda in that it focuses on keywords and the anchor text you use for your links. It is best discussed on a different web page, so click here to find out more about the Google Penguin Update


If you want to disassociate your web pages from any links back to them you cannot personally remove, then check out Google's own Disavow Links Tool here:

Disavow Links Tool:  Check out this tool here.

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