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Over three million sites on Google offer information on how to write a resume. According to one of the best free keyword suggestion tools on the planet, almost 1,000 people a day search for information on resume writing.

I have been asked for the proper spelling of that word more than once, and if the ‘acute’ is to be used, it should correctly be used twice. Hence, résumé and not resumé. You can also use the word without any accents. However, the correct word is the French résumé and not the English resume which has a totally different meaning. Nevertheless, it is internet practice to use resume, so that is how it will be spelled.

I am frequently asked the difference between a resume and a CV, or curriculum vitae. They are basically the same thing, though the term CV is more relevant to professional applicants, providing information on academic distinctions, posts held and theses that have been published. A CV is more of an informational document than a sales pitch, and used by doctors, scientists, solicitors, etc.

Here are the salient points to keep in mind when writing your résumé.

  • A resume is a sales pitch:you are the product and the employee reading it is the target.
  • Your objective when you write a résumé is to secure an interview - nothing else! It is a sales tool that you can use to your advantage and give you a head start over your competitors.
  • Sell yourself in writing, get the interview, then sell yourself in person. Learn what you can about the company and sell yourself as filling the exact position being advertised. Stress how you can fill the job. Stress any previous experience in that position.
  • Highlight your strengths when writing your resume and include numbers and figures. Include cash benefits you brought your last company.
  • If you lost your last job, rather than leaving voluntarily, leave it for the interview. That's a different skill. If you must mention it, state something to the effect that you were a victim of your own cost cutting recommendations that the company took up too vigorously.
  • Action words are always good – such as managed, developed, gained and presented. Do not use weasel words such as best, most, terrific. Don't bum yourself up.Be accurate and informative when writing. You're selling yourself, not an insurance policy.
  • Use bullet points such as I am doing here, to the extent that the article directory allows. Use your strongest points, which are relevant for the job being offered, at the beginning.

When writing a resume, you should always present information about your achievements in a positive manner. Don't state that “I was responsible for 10 other salesmen.”Write “I was responsible for a sales department that secured $500,000 sales every month.” Put yourself in the place of the reader and consider what would stand out to you.

Unless you are requested to do so don't include information irrelevant to the position such as your age, religion, hobbies or interests. Stick to RELEVANT employment history. If you don't think you have a lot of that, then perhaps you should find a job that is more relevant to your experience. An employer is not interested on your opinion on your abilities. Proven ability and experience are what are required.

Writing “I have done this job well and can demonstrate it”, is meaningful.“I know I can do this job because it fits in with my abilities”, is not.

You must be honest. If you try to make false claims you have a very good chance of being found out. This applies whatever country you live in. In the current litigious climate most companies will do what they can to avoid negligent hiring, and employment background checks and pre-employment screening are commonplace. Tell the truth, and if the truth is not good either do not write it, or add it to the bottom of your résumé. The reader will probably not get that far and you can discuss your last position during your interview.

Keep in mind that a resume has 10 – 20 seconds to make it. Nobody is going to read all the way in that time. Sell yourself, and if you don't think you have the literary ability to do so, then hire a writer to do it for you. There are professional resume writers available that charge anything from $150 for a simple and we can recommend one to you, but if you are pretty confident and only need a bit of tidying up and ensuring that the spelling and grammar are right, then we can do that for you for a single charge of $20 per resume

We can also provide a critique service by checking your resume over and making suggestions on how it could be improved. As a former employers of personnel ranging from professional chemists (I am one myself) to hourly paid staff, I have gone through thousands of resumes in the past, and am well aware of what employers are looking for.

I will not pretend that we could the same job of writing a resumefrom scratch for a rank beginner, but I am a professional writer and can make sure that the glaring errors which result in the failure of most job applications are avoided.

Click below and email me if you feel the need for some help with how to write a resume or CV and we can come to an arrangement based upon your needs.

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