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In order to understand how to write articles for website content, all you have to know is how to write legibly, how to construct an article and demonstrate a knowledge of your subject.

Your keyword should be chosen carefully. A keyword can be a single word or a phrase, though most single words are too competitive for article writing. Even if the main purpose of your article is for submission to article directories, please remember that the prime purpose of a directory is to provide content to others. For another person to deem your article and resource box worthy of copying to his or her website, the content will have to be useful, the article well written and it must be properly optimized for search engines.

There are many factors involved while learning to write articles, and the main factors important in writing an article for your own website, and anyone else’s for that matter are:

Plan before you start writing.
You will find it easier to write articles if you have the rough content of each paragraph drafted out, even if just in your head. Use headings: either physical headings with H2 or H3 tags or as the first lines of paragraphs, such as the first five letters of this paragraph. Only use H tags if they relate to the article keyword, and make sure your heading is in a H1 tag. The search engines look upon the contents of an H1 tag as the most important semantics of the page.

Make your paragraphs short.
You are not writing a novel and an online reader’s attention span is short. Keep it interesting or they will click off. Try to use good grammar and spelling when writing. If you can’t be bothered to write well, why should the reader bother trying to interpret what you are trying to say? Your point should be concisely stated without ambiguity due to poor grammar.

Be authoritative
Be authoritative in the subject you are writing about. If the reader feels that you know your subject, and that you could possibly provide the solution that they have logged on to find, they might click onto the website link in your resource box.

The resource box
The resource box generally comes at the end of your article and contains information about you, the writer. You get the opportunity to provide at least one URL, and often two. This URL can be any webpage on your site. Make the link text relevant to the content of your page. Hence if your page is about article writing, make your link Article Writing: How to Write Articles or something similar. You are frequently only allowed a URL link, so try to choose a webpage relevant to your article.

Keyword Density
Use the keyword either in the title or as the title. Include the keyword in the first sentence, and not again in the first 200 words. Some disagree with me but good results are starting to come through with this approach. The days of 2% - 3% keyword density are receding into the past – at least for now! Use your keyword once every 200 words or so. Include plenty related words and terms. An online thesaurus is a good tool in assisting you to write your own articles.

You don’t need to know how these search engines work, but you have to know a little about keywords, keyword density and LSI.  Latent semantic indexing is discussed elsewhere on this site and you will notice that I have use the keyword for this article only in the subject, the first sentence and this sentence, plus once more because the article is 712 words long! However, there are plenty words and terms contained in this article which are related to the topic of how to write articles.

Keep all of that in mind and you will do OK.  See, colloquialisms are allowed: you don’t have to be formal all the time. Good luck and enjoy writing articles for fun and for profit.

You must learn how to write articles properly if you intend to write seriously, or even just for your own website. You have to be aware of the more common writing errors that can persuade visitors to leave your site prematurely.

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