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Proofreading: Online Proofreading Services for Internet, Professional and Academic Writers



Online proofreading services can make sure that your written work is grammatically correct and meets the needs or expectations of the reader. There are many reasons why proof reading is important, including the following:
  1. Your thesis - whether for your Masters or Doctorate or any other advanced qualification.
  2. Your literary creation: books, both eBooks and printed work for publication.
  3. Your article for publication online for promotional purposes.
  4. An article or short story for publication in newspapers or magazines.
There are no doubt others you can think of, but unless you have 100% confidence in your knowledge of English grammar, whether that is American or UK English, you might have problems through having a less than perfect grasp of the language and lose out through it.

How you lose out is irrelevant:  it might be a refusal of a higher degree, loss of custom or loss of readership.  It doesn't matter.  Here are some comments on each of these above four aspects of the importance of proof reading, and how online proofreading services can help you maximize the impact of your writing.

1.  Your Thesis

Whether you are studying for a Masters or carrying out research for a PhD, you will be expected to provide a dissertation to be read either by your peers or by your professors - or even both. You will no doubt have be confident of your technical knowledge and that this will not be a factor involved in the award of the higher degree.

However, how confident are you of your knowledge of the English language, its grammar and its appropriate usage? American, Australian and British universities and colleges do not generally take your knowledge of the language into consideration, and if you are unable to express your arguments clearly, concisely and unequivocally, then you may fail to impress your examiners.  

Online proofreading services (click to view site in a new window) can help you by making sure that your writing is unambiguous and that its meaning is clear by means of good grammar.  English grammar has developed over the ages to ensure that its use makes what is being stated or written fully understandable, with no possibility of ambiguity.

Those people that do not have a full grasp of English grammar might wrongly state the points they are trying to argue and be misunderstood. Those that say "grammar is unimportant - it is letting yourself be understood that is important" are missing the point. Without the good grammar that has been developed to enable this understanding then your thesis may very likely not be correctly understood, and you may fail in your application. That's why proof reading is important, and online proofreading services have a good record of helping people get through their written dissertations satisfactorily.

2. Online Proofreading Services and Published Books

No published book has been submitted for publication without independent proofreading. That is more frequently being provided by online proofreading services that offer an excellent professional proof reading service at a very low cost in comparison to those normally charged. To present a book for publication without proofreading is a recipe, not only for the proverbial disaster, but also for your name becoming mud both with publishers and readers.

If you have a book you want to publish, and are unsure if your grammar is correct for your readers, then visit Proof Reading Service. This is a UK company with an excellent working knowledge of both UK and American English grammar and colloquial usage, and one that provides you with as perfect a proof reading service as you will find anywhere - online and offline. Click the link for a new window that lets you return easily back here.

I would not compromise my high reputation in the world's article writing market by recommending a service I would not use myself.  In fact, I have been so impressed by the work of this firm run by Lotti Beckham that I have put all my proofreading work into her hands. If you are dissatisfied with her work, come back to me and tell me. I am confident that you will never have to!

This is an excellent proofreading services you might also try in which I have every confidence

Proofreading UK

3.  Proof Reading of Articles for Online Publication

In February of last year, Google introduced what they refer to as the Panda algorithm update, and what others have referred to as the Farmer update. The algorithm change was designed by an Indian Google technician with the name of Panda, and was designed to remove poor quality web pages from Google's index (and hence Google's listings).

Because this hit article and content farms hardest, it was also known as the Farmer update. What this means is that in order to get your promotional articles accepted by article directories, they must be of high quality with respect to both spelling and grammar.

CLICK HERE to find more about the Panda algorithm update.

You would think that spell checkers would take care of the spelling, but quite amazingly Panda found that many articles had been published with poor spelling and even poorer grammar! Large numbers of published content were dropped by Google: some content sites such as Ezine Articles lost over 70% of their listed articles.

With the introduction of the  Panda update into Google's indexing algorithm, such poorly written web content and articles are no longer listed by Google, or accepted by article directories or content farms such as eHow and Suite101 . However, it is grammar that still is a major problem, and remains the main reason for content being refused by Google for listing on its results pages.

You can overcome this in two ways:

a) Have your articles written by me, Peter Nisbet of Article Services, when they are guaranteed to be written with perfect grammar and will not be refused for publication by Ezine Articles and Google. Nor will they be refused by any other online publication for reasons of spelling, grammar or poor usage of the English language.

b) If your articles, books, theses or any other written works have been completed, then Lotti's Proof Reading Service will provide you with the same level of confidence once she has made the changes needed to meet the requirements of correct English grammar and usage.

Contact Lotti here: Online Proofreading Service and you can be certain that your work is perfect, at least as far as the English language is concerned. I have found no other online Proofreading service to be as good or as reliable as this! Keep in mind that I write for some of the top internet marketers, and that this website is on Page #1 for large numbers of keywords relating to article marketing, and that if I endorse a service, then it is well worth endorsing.

4. Article for Publication in Newspapers or Magazines

If you present an article for publication in the press or popular magazines, then it will have to be perfect in terms of grammar. Not only grammar, but also in your usage of vocabulary - there is a difference between grammar and usage!

Example: On seeing a funeral procession with several mourners walking behind the hearse, one may ask the question:

Inappropriate grammar: "For whom are these people mourning and walking behind the coffin?"
Good grammar:  "Who's dead?"

Both are correct, but one is more succinct than the other!

Online Proofreading Services Vs Spell Checkers

There is nothing to beat human eyes and knowledge. Spell checkers work to specific rules:  if the word is spelled correctly then it is fine. Grammar checkers are the same - and never point out spelling as being wrong - only usage according to the preprogrammed rules they work to. That depends on the grammar knowledge of the programmer!

Here is an example of why spell checkers are worthless if the writer has only a rough knowledge of spelling, but no more:

I wrote this sentence here, and highlighted it for my standard Microsoft spell checker:
"Eye strike a quay and type a word and weight for it to say Weather eye yam wrong oar write."

It was corrected to this:

"Eye strikes a key and type a word and weight for it to say Weather eye yam wrong or write."

The bold words were those corrected! So much for relying on spell checkers! Try yours on the same sentence just as it is! If your work is critical to you, then use an online proofreading service. Check this for grammar:

"Marketing are bad for brand big and small"

That passed my standard Microsoft grammar check! I have since upgraded to try to help me with this. It changed 'are' to 'is' as it should have done first time, but not the rest. 

Enough said: If you want to make sure that you are using good and appropriate grammar in your writing, for whatever the reason, I reckon you should first check out Lotti's website on:

Don't complain to me later if you have failed or your work has been refused by the publisher! The online proofreading services offered on this website are worth using to ensure publication and acceptance of your written work, irrespective of its ultimate intended purpose. 

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