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PDF Submission : Article Submission and SEO Content Services & SEO Writing 


Very  few people involved in article marketing are making use of thse sites,yet they are receiving increasing volumes of traffic that are targeted to your niche. The PDF submission service we offer converts your articles to PDF and then submits them to as many of these sites as we know of.

Some documents get over 100,000 extra views using these sites. Scribd is a very popular site, and some will use these publication sites and never use Ezine Articles for their content. By failing to make use of these, you are missing a large proportion of the online traffic available to you.

Check them out yourself:  you now have the advantage of having your articles or PDF files submitted to those well-used sites that accept files in PDF format. I can convert your text and Word files into a PDF format suitable for submission. If you have your own PDF files that Ezine Articles will not accept, we can submit them for you to these relatively new sites. 

These are websites that most people are unaware of, but that the gurus and entrepreneurs rely upon for that extra advantage over the ordinary Joe! Now you too can use these and get your own links advertised over a much wider part of the web that may never have known existed.

What your get for $10 is:

  1. I will proof-read your content and point out any changes needed.  These will be made only with your permission.

  2. I will modify your article if necessary to include live links in the resource section of the article - or in the article body if your publication is a report or some other form of publication.

  3. I will convert files to PDF format including your live, clickable links.

  4. I will submit PDF files to the above sites plus others as appropriate for the topic using my standard PDF submission service.

  5. I can also add clickable links to your existing PDF files so that people can access your website from the article or report.  You may have PDF reports or essays that do not already contain a link to your website, and you have no means of editing the file in PDF format.  I can add clickable links to the top and bottom of that file for you.


For an extra fee I can edit any PDF document to add or remove certain text, or even completely revise a PDF document for you.

The cost for this is from $4 upward depending on the degree of change and revision needed in any PDF document. For example, a complete revision of a 1,000 word PDF document will cost $18.  For 800 words:  $16, but if you have a request then ask me and I might be able to negotiate a price suitable to each of us.

Proof-reading a PDF document and making the necessary alterations will be $8/1000 words in the original. This extra cost over proofing text or Doc files is because the PDF editing software is expensive: yes, there are free and cheap versions available, but they do not allow the level of editing needed and most limit you to a specific number of files until you must pay. 

I can also provide the PDF document as a PDF or/and in MS Word format at no extra charge.

The PDF submission service is extra after the PDF document has been edited.

I can send you a copy of the finished PDF file including your links, but when I submit PDF files I cannot enable more than one link (that link can be published multiple times in each article). You should therefore provide me with your preferred text link. I cannot provide anchor text - just a text link at the top and bottom of your file.

What My PDF Submission Service Cannot Do

My PDF submission service cannot yet give you a bespoke report of traffic from the above sites. I am working on this, and when available it will be offered to you. There is nothing else to my knowledge that I cannot do for you with regard to PDF file editing, generation and submission. 

Anchor Text and Text Links

If you have anchor text already within the article or as a regular resource, then these can also be included in the PDF submission. All links you include will be generated as clickable links in the PDF version.

Our PDF submission service allows you to submit PDF files to these publications that your competition will likely be missing.  This can give you a good boost in rankings by utilizing a service that they are unaware of.


HTML and Text submission to regular directories:  $20

HTML-Text-PDF submission:  $25

PDF Submisison only: $10

HTML/Text + PDF Submission + Website Directory Submission + Submission to Social Bookmarking Sites + Twitter:  $40  Click on DIRECTORY SUBMISSION for details.

Writing article (500-800 words) +HTML/Text submission + PDF submission: Special price of  $35

This PDF submission services will provide you with that extra impetus that should give you the edge over your competitors that are unaware of how to submit PDF files to these publications.

We can convert your PDF file, and we can also add clickable links to the top and bottom of existing PDF files. Our PDF submission service is second to none.


Email pete@article-services.com and include:


a)  The Text or Word file(s) that you want converted to PDF and submitted to these sites.
b)  The preferred link you would like included (anchor text is permitted for files not yet in PDF, plus one extra text link (i.e. one URL).

c)  The service you want, chosen from the above: Price as above.


a)  The PDF file(s) you want submitted, plus
b)  The text link you want added to the top and bottom of the file:  Total $8


a)  The PDF file you want edited and what you want changed or revised
b)  Whether you wish the modified file to be retained in PDF format or changed to Word or Text : Price depending on text length.

For more information on my PDF submission service and how to submit PDF files you can email me at pete@article-services.com or Skype me on spidered1

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