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There are many professional SEO services available online. Most are overpriced, and many  will do nothing for you. I can help you by applying my experience in getting my own website to #1 in the Google rankings against 4,160,000,000 other results.

I do not make silly promises - nobody will get you a #1 ranking in a few days.  That is lying, unless it is for impossible keywords.  However, I will get you more traffic through a combination of on-site and offsite professional SEO services  

I will check out the source code on your more important web pages. I will the help you to improve this to become more attractive to search engine listing and ranking algorithms (spiders, crawlers, etc.) My  professional SEO services will actively help you get legitimate high quality backlinks and exposure on popular social media sites.

Here is a summary of what I offer, although you will likely find that I will become more involved in just that once I get working with your website or blog:

Here's the deal:

  • 10 articles x min 700 words; written originally by me to promote your website in general or any specific page. The resource will contain 2 links to your selected web pages (same 2 pages or 2 different pages.) Google considers 700+ words to be good.
  • These 10 articles to be submitted to Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Amazines, iSnare and many more directories, ezines and blogs - most in your name.
  • 5 blog posts or web content articles, posted on your blog or website each month - 6 days apart.
  • Optimization of your website including Meta Data, Title and Header tags and Google authorship links
  • Creation and maintenance of a Google+ page and Facebook business page.
  • Submissions to Facebook Page and social bookmarking pages such as Technorati, Blink, Delicious, StumbleUpon and others. 
  • Submissions of articles in PDF format to PDF directories
  • Professional Keyword Research to find the best and most competitive keywords suited to each of your web pages and the content I will write.
  • Help keep you sweet with Google Panda, Penguin and any future algorithm updates.
  • Maintenance of your Google Webmaster account.
  • Updates on Google algorithm on other search engine updates, advice and future plans.

This is a business package priced at $700/month.

The articles and blog posts alone would be price at $210 without the submission service. This level of submission would cost $50/article = $500. You get the rest virtually fee of charge.

Try my for one month at $500 after which you revert to the full $700. 

Email me at pete@article-services.com for more information or to place your order.  I can discuss it with you on Skype on telephone (Skype ID: Spidered) - or email me me your phone umber and I will call you so you don't pay.

My professional SEO services are used by many clients worldwide.

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