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Article Directory Submission:  How to Submit Articles



Article directory submission is important to any webmaster, and if you know how to submit articles then you can make a massive difference to your listing position. It is a fact that few will dispute that article marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting a website or product, if not THE most effective. 

An article directory submission is not difficult:  I write them for you, but that is only part of the job.  Once you have paid for the article, you still have to submit it.  There are several ways to do that, including carrying out the manual submission yourself. 

My Personal Article Submission Service

If you are unsure how to submit articles to directories, or don't want to register with a dozen or more top directories, then there are options. One is to email me at and ask me to do it for you:  that will cost you $20 each article, but they will be submitted to the top directories that will syndicate your article over the internet.

I will use your name as author wherever possible, but all directories do not permit pen names. In such cases, because the submission must be done from my account, then my name will have to appear as author. This will have very little effect on the benefits you receive from the article directory submission, namely:

a)  Google PageRank from the back-links to your web page through your link on the published articles.
b)  Traffic from readers of your article on these directories: I get several hundred each month per article.
c)  Back-links and traffic from publication of your article copied onto other websites as web page content. 
d)  Free traffic from Google and other search engine listings of your article - a published article is just like
     any other web page in that respect. I have many articles published on Page#1 of Google.

Additionally, I will manually submit to the following article directories using your name as author:

Ezine Articles, Article City, Go Articles, Article Dashboard, Article Rich*, iSnare*, Buzzle, Article Snare, A1 Articles, Womens Articles.

*  These articles are paid article directory submissions and are included in the price.

If you have you own account with any article directory, then I will use your account if you email me the details - or include them on your order form.

Writing + Submission Service

I also have a special offer at the moment of two articles of ~ 800 words: one for your own website and one for article directory submission (guaranteed acceptance), and also the directory submission itself for a total price of $40. That saves you $10 over the normal price of $50.

CLICK HERE to order either of the above Article Directory Submission packages.

Or go a step further and check out my Article Submission Gold package

Article Submission Services

Another alternative is to use a submission service.  Even though I submit my own articles, I also use a submission service that submits to over 400 directories and ezines - much more than I can do manually. They allow an unlimited number of submissions/month.  The rest I do myself manually, and also using other submission software noted below.

Check the submission service I recommend here:
Submit Your Article  


Article Submission Software

If you prefer to use submission software, it can be expensive, but is well worth it.  It is one of the best ways if you are unsure how to submit articles yourself.

I use Article Submitter Platinum, devised by Brad Callan, one of the internet's millionaires.  It is excellent software, and the way it works is this:

1.  You first have to register with the article directories contained in the software directory list. There is no getting over this, whatever method you use. There are those, such as Article City, that require no registration, but the vast majority do.

You can use different registration details for each, or the same.  It doesn't matter, but I find it easier to use the same so that my form-filling software can fill in the same details for all the directories. Details on the form-filling software below.

2.  You enter the article into the boxes supplied: author, title summary, article, resource, keyword list in both text and HTML formats. Some directories accept HTML and some are text only - the software knows which is which.

3. Click on the automatic submissions you want made - a large number of the directories in the list can be submitted to automatically: Click on 'auto submission' and the job is done. That is a feature that I have found only in Article Submitter Platinum.

4.  For those directories not in the auto list, simply click down to each directory and click 'Submit'.  You are logged in automatically, and the article details also filled in.  You simply have to click on 'Preview' or 'Submit' and it is done.

That's it.  You can add directories to the list, and I have over 400 in mine, including ezines. It takes me 1 hour to submit to these.

Check out Article Submitter Platinum Here.


To recap, here are your options:
  1. Pay me $20 for each article I submit manually or accept my writing/submission service offer,
  2. Use the monthly membership as I do: there is now no limit to the number of submissions you can make  each month.
  3. Use Article Submitter Platinum as I do (the best software I have ever bought,
  4. Do it yourself.
I use all 4 methods, although for me 1 and 4 are the same!

If you don't know how to submit articles to directories the best way, then any of 1 -3 should pay dividends.  The benefits have been discussed elsewhere, but they are definitely worth any of the investments you have to make for any of these.  I call them 'investments' because they bring you a good return for your money, and can be the making of your online home business or any other internet based business where you have a product or a website to promote.

For more information on how to submit articles, contact me on


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