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Unlike most other article writing services, we do not insist on payment in advance.  Instead, we will:

  1. Write your articles and make delivery when completed.
  2. Invoice immediately your order has been fulfilled, or that part of your order where it is agreed between us that  part payment will be made.  This is normal for orders of 10 or more articles.

  3. For new customers, no more than 2 articles will be provided prior to invoicing: this rule may be relaxed at my  discretion.

  4. Payment for our article writing services will be required withing 48 hours of invoicing.

  5. I Offer a 10% discount for advance payment of orders.

  6. Any complaints or revisions required will be carried out free of charge.

  7. Such revisions as intimated in item 6 above  must be stated within 48 hours of you receiving delivery of the pertinent article(s).

  8. Payment will be deferred until you are happy with the articles, taking items 6 and 7 into consideration.

  9. Non-payment or refusal to pay will result in legal action.

I am very aware that many people may find themselves unable to pay for articles ordered.  I have been in a similar position many times myself in the early days. If you inform me of your problem I may be more lenient in the time allowed for payment. 


Copyright of all articles written by Article Services belongs to the  client once full payment has been made for any order.  Should no payment, or only part payment be made, the copyright for all articles in any order will remain with P. Nisbet.

Copyright enables clients to use the article in any way they wish, including but not restricted to:

  • Using their own name as author
  • Changing the title and content
  • Submitting to article directories, ezines, blogs
  • Using as web page content on any website of their choosing
  • Selling to third parties
  • Providing as free gifts
  • This applies to articles or any part of articles.

Breach of Copyright

Should full payment for any order not be made,  part payment may not be allocated to specific articles without my agreement. Copyright for the entire order will belong to me and you will be in breach of copyright law by publishing unpaid articles in any way at all. You will be pursued in court and will be liable for the fine imposed plus the expenses incurred in the action by myself.

My article writing services are intended to provide you with what you want, and I will play my part as much as I can. In return you are also expected to play by the rules .  I have been known to go beyond the call of duty in helping clients who are in difficulty with deadlines or even ability to pay until their own next payday.

I am amenable to listen if you genuinely need help. However, I know all the stories, because I have been through all of that myself. 

Other Websites

These article writing services terms and conditions only apply to the Article Services  website. Any other websites which may be linked to by our website are subject to their own policy, which may differ from ours.

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