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What is Bum Marketing: It is Article Marketing Pure and Simple.

Bum marketing is another name for article marketing, and was invented in order for certain people to make money by seeming to invent something that was not. In fact, the reason for the term being invented is false. A penniless bum would find it difficult to make money online even if he or she was able to write articles.

There is more to writing articles that having knowledge, and more to making money that writing articles. Without a decent product, nobody can make money online. Personally, I find the term offensive and also those who invented it. However, it is now there and so must be taken advantage by all of us.

This is the way the internet develops. Marketing techniques get born and everybody has to follow them, or miss out on what scraps these opportunities can provide. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make money online as competition increases, but if you can get yourself involved in that sector involved in training those that are new to internet marketing then your task might be easier.

It will only be easier, however, if you can compete with the big boys; or not so much them as those who have been in it for a long time, since the two are not the same. There was a time when you had no chance of competing with them because they had all the SEO perfected on their websites, and all the back-links needed to remain on the first page of the search engines. Now, however, that is all over.

Bum Marketing Basics

Thanks to what is now called bum marketing, you can get loads of traffic to your website through article writing, and also get some very useful links back to your site. These back-links not only provide you with Page Rank points, but also the possibility of traffic through prospects clicking on them. There is no doubt that article marketing is the success story of the past few years. It has almost made SEO redundant in the traffic stakes.

However, it appears that there are signs that search engines are noticing that Page Rank, or PageRank as it is properly written, does not provide their customers with the benefit originally intended since websites are now not only on the first pages, but also at #1, that have no content whatsoever other than adverts, but have so many adverts on other websites that they are ranked at first place for selected keywords.

Perhaps Google have given the PageRank portion of their algorithm too much influence on the listing position of websites that have little, if any, content. This is what bum marketing can overcome – good content backed up by good articles to provide good traffic backed up by well constructed links with each article that provide a means for readers to find the information they seek.

Bum marketing is article marketing, whatever they say, so how many bums are making money online? Me for one!

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